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July 2021
Update on IC Council Events 2021

Update on IC Council Events 2021

Date: 6th July 2021

We hope all our IC Members are keeping safe, well and hopefully getting to play some tennis. The health, safety and well-being of members is a priority  so unfortunately, we have had to cancel or postpone some events this year. We continue to closely monitor the situation. As of July 2021, the events below are scheduled for the remainder of the year. Most recent changes include the postponement of the Uruguay 40th anniversary event until April 2022, and the postponement of the Potter Cup until October 2021. Unfortunately we have very regrettably, after considerable discussions, cancelled The IC Rod Laver Worldwide Junior Finals. We are planning a Zoom meeting for the finalist teams with Rod Laver and will present them with special “Finalist medals”. Please see the relevant events page for further details.

Robert Abdesselam Trophy, Liege, Belgium - 28 July - 1 August

Potter Cup, Barcelona, Spain - Postponed to 21st - 24th October


Uruguay 40th Anniversary Celebratory Event, Punta Del Este, Uruguay 1st - 3rd April 2022

USA IC Week, Washington, Windmill & Mercelis Trophies, La Carreta & Columbus Trophies, Juego de Pelota - 21st - 26th August 2022

CQS IC June Prague, Czech Republic, 8th - 12th June 2022

ADDITIONAL PLANNED 2022 EVENTS (dates to be advised)

IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge Regionals - Various

Potter Cup, Barcelona, Spain

Caribbean Doubles, Bahamas/ Mexico

Other possible planned events to be advised later if confirmed.  Please see full Calendar of Events spreadsheet for more information on future events.

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