Welcome to the International Lawn Tennis Club of Denmark

Next Event

Cocktail at French Open

May 30th 2017 Roland Garros, Paris

Contact regarding the above event: Hans Peter Michaelsen, email: hp_mic@hotmail.com



IC DK Tennis & Barbeque

June 13th 2017 in HIK at Hartmnnsvej

Contact regarding the above event: Stein Ulrich/Kerrn Schmidt Jørgensen, email: stein.ulrich@hotmail.com 



IC DK highlights

 June 16 IC DK Tennis/BBQ event in HIK
 June 3-5 IC DK vs IC India match in KB

First IC of DK Junior/Young Senior Event

in HIK November 20th 2015 

123IC DK Annual Dinner Oct 2015

IC DK Annual Dinner 2015

Guest speaker: Am. Ambassador Rufus Gifford

IC Annual Dinner 2015
IC Annual Dinner 2015
 IC Nordic Sep  2015 - Oslo
IC Nordic Sep 2105 - Oslo