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October 2018
Annual Dinner 2018

Annual Dinner 2018

Great members evening October 5 in the restaurant of HIK

This year’s annual dinner was held in HIK's lovely and cozy restaurant. The atmosphere was truly great and welcoming throughout the night. The lovely, delicious food was accompanied by the fantastic service from the friendly waiting staff presented in the event, making the night a very successful and pleasant gathering.

As it is traditional in our annual dinner, IC invited an interesting figure, to give a speech. Unfortunately, this year’s guest speaker cancelled just a couple of days before the event. Despite short notice however, Henrik Klitvad, a former chairman at the Danish Tennis Federation and a board member of KTU accepted to become our speaker for the night. He talked about KTU, its ambitions and goals while exploring the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Danish tennis in the future.

The other speaker of the night, Karina Illdor, chairman of IC Denmark, started off her entertaining speech by presenting the members of the IC board. Moreover, Karina gave an overview of the current and future initiatives being driven by the board currently and encouraged all IC members to utilize these opportunities to their fullest potential.

As it is becoming traditional now, this year’s evening was nothing short of a big success and we are already looking forward to hosting a fantastic annual dinner in 2019. A special one nonetheless, since we will be celebrating IC’s 70th anniversary - a great milestone for the organization.





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