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May 2019
IC Match between France and Denmark

IC Match between France and Denmark

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2019 in HIK (Hellerup Idraets Klub)

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Link to updates during the weekend: Facebook

The players met on Saturday 09:45 at HIK's well-maintained and inviting facility, where the teams were introduced to each other after a short welcome. This was followed by photos being taken of the teams. His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik, briefly visited with Princess Isabella, and were greeted by all the players. A very nice touch to the event which was well received both by our French guests as well as the Danes.

Berit had, as usual, provided and taken good care of us with drinks and delicacies, ready for consumption in the pavilion. After the two sessions in the morning with several good and hard matches, but which unfortunately resulted in several minor injuries, we enjoyed a lunch at Joe and the Juice in the Waterfront.

Due to several long matches in the afternoon session, the program was slightly shortened, as a canal boat cruise was planned to commence from Nyhavn at 17:30. With a little delay and special pickup of Steen Elsborg and two of the French players by Skuespilhuset (the Royal Danish Playhouse), we all headed out in the canals of Copenhagen. Again, we experienced great enthusiasm for this part of the event. Lovely boat trip in wonderful weather with a glass of rosé in one’s hand! We were dropped off at Christianshavn just outside The Boathouse restaurant, where we were treated to some delicious food and wine. There were nice speeches from both teams and Karina and Christian were honored with honorary memberships of the French IC. A lovely and very “hyggelig” day was over.

Sunday morning, we started with the matches again. This time with some changes in the match schedule, as several of the French participants and one Danish participant had become injured during Saturday's matches. Age has taken its toll! The team captains agreed that some of Saturday's matches were annulled due to a considerable age difference between the opponents on each side of the net - and it was not entirely to Denmark’s advantage. :-)

The last match played in the team match was a MD that should prove to be decisive. Denmark lost by one match, so the result ended with a French 7-6 victory.

We ended up getting lunch from Joe and the Juice, which we had by the pavilion at HIK's facility. A good decision of the organizers to bring the food to us, as we there could sit in a big group and enjoy food and a cozy time together before the departure.

The French as well as the Danes have had a fantastic weekend. Many friendships have become linked, and IC France has already expressed a wish for an early rematch in France.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards Birgit Carlsen

Thank you to HEAD and Cool Sport for sponsoring balls for this event.

The Danish team consisted of: Steen Dannisgård, Steen Elsborg, Steen Bilmann, Kasper Rud, Jørn Harder, H.P. Michaelsen, Christian von Buchwald (team captain), Thomas Søbirk, Stein Ulrik, Sven-Erik Kundby, Anni Michelsen, Mai Grage, Birgit Carlsen.

The French team consisted of: Pierre-Hervé Gautier, Olivier Bardet, Isabelle Billard-Delage, Daniel Montel, Jeanne Delage, Jean-Christoph Potton, Michell Bouzigues, Brigitte Moretton, Christophe Bernelle, Theirry Pharm, Sylvie Garfald.


Jørn vs. Jean-C. 6-2 / 6-4

Kasper vs.Pierre Hervé: 6/3 - 6/1

Steen E. vs. Olivier: 6/7 (4) - 3/6

Svend-Erik vs. Olivier: 2/6 Rtd.

Stein-Steen D. vs. Thiery - Christophe: 6/7 - 3/6

Birgit / HP vs. Sylvie / Pierre 3/6 - 4/6

Anni vs. Sylvie: 6/3 - 5/7 - 10/5

Anni - Isabelle: 1/6 - 1/6

Jørn / Christian B vs. Daniel / Michel 6/1 - 6/0

Birgit / HP vs. Isabelle / Daniel 5/7 - 5/7

HP / Jørn - Pierre / Daniel 6/1 - 6/4

Steen D./Steen B. vs. Olivier-Christophe 7/6 (5)

Steen E / Thomas S. vs. Olivier-Christophe 4/6 - 8/10

Other games were played off record as the age difference was considered to be of considerable impact.

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